Thursday, 19 May 2011

American Civil War

As a try out of Blackpowder rules, I put on a refight of New Berne, perhaps slightly tweeked to give the Confederates a bit of a chance.

Following the capture of the outer islands of the North Carolinan coast, the Union landed a specially recruited Division under Ambrose Burnside which captured Roanoke island and then marched on the port of New Berne. Whilst it was no longer what it'd been, the city controlled an important railroad junction and was within marching distance of another line important to Confederate supply lines.

To cover the approach to New Berne, the Confederates built a number of forts along the river (the wall edge of the table) and cleared an area between the biggest fort and the railway to build breastworks to cover the obvious approach route. Unfortunately, they discovered the Union force were advancing on a wider front so they rapidly had to flood an area in front of a creek, leading to a dog-leg in the line. This was, unfortunately, covered by the worst part of their forces - a collection of local militia companies armed with shotguns and hunting rifles.
In the original battle the North Carolinan's quickly found a big hole in their lines as the militia companies guarding the brickworks (represented here by the walls) broke and the positon was outflanked. In our refight the Union had a tougher time of it but the end result was pretty much the same.

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