Sunday, 5 June 2011

More VBCW figures

BUF Militia - Mainly Musketeer (some with head swaps) and some Artizan and Great War figures

BUF  armoured truck - a home made conversion with a North Star and Old Glory crew

BUF Legion - Musketeer figures.

Local mlitia - Musketeer, Artizan, Empress, Woodbine, Pulp, Bolt Action and Foundry Figures

Saturday, 4 June 2011

A Very British Civil War

Some of my figures for this "what if" period dreamt up by a couple of friends of mine that has now really taken off. The pictures were posed quickly with a background of a card school building to provide unit cards for a rule set for the first Evesham big game. In the end they didn't get used! I've added some more units since but these are the backbone of my forces.
Firstly, the military parts of my forces.

HQ unit - Foundry figures and a diecast truck from a set I got cheap.

Medial Unit - Pulp Miniatures doctor and nurse and Great War army chaplain. 

TA Unit HQ - Musketeer, Great War and (converted) Bolt Action driver in a Matchbox car.

Lorried TA Unit - Musketeer and Foundry figures and Matchbox Crossley.

Armoured Unit - Musketeer figures and Lancia.

Mounted Unit - Great War cavalry.

Vickers MG team - Great War

RollsRoyce Armoured Cars - HLBSC

18 pdr Gun - Foundry

Cyclist Unit - Foundry miniatures 


Some units made from the new Perry plastic zouaves.

Firstly, the 11th New York in their brown 2nd uniform - just to make a change from Union units in blue. This is 24 out of the box of 42.

Secondly, the South Carolina Zouave Volunteers - part of Hampton's Legion. The remainder of the units is made cup of Perry metal figures painted either as the Gist Rifles or Davis Guards - 2 of the other volunteer companies making up the Legion. The flag is from Redoubt.

Having found the details in an Osprey book, I couldn't resist the idea of doing some Confederate zouaves with yellow trousers. That used another 8 out of the box. The remainder ended up as a company of the 4th Virginia that had a zouave dress and 6 to fill out another Union zouave unit of "left over" figures from other project with a new Redoubt command pack to finish them off.