Saturday, 4 June 2011


Some units made from the new Perry plastic zouaves.

Firstly, the 11th New York in their brown 2nd uniform - just to make a change from Union units in blue. This is 24 out of the box of 42.

Secondly, the South Carolina Zouave Volunteers - part of Hampton's Legion. The remainder of the units is made cup of Perry metal figures painted either as the Gist Rifles or Davis Guards - 2 of the other volunteer companies making up the Legion. The flag is from Redoubt.

Having found the details in an Osprey book, I couldn't resist the idea of doing some Confederate zouaves with yellow trousers. That used another 8 out of the box. The remainder ended up as a company of the 4th Virginia that had a zouave dress and 6 to fill out another Union zouave unit of "left over" figures from other project with a new Redoubt command pack to finish them off. 

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